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Crisis at Paradise Eye-Land by Wayne Edmiston

"The story will take you on a journey with a lusty protagonist that involves an unexpected combination: seedy strip joints and the paranormal. Lynden Rykker runs an adult strip club, Paradise Eye-Land in California and, after five years, she yearns for a new challenge in her life. But strange, unexplained things are happening in the club, and the apparent aim seems to be eliminating the club altogether. Elsewhere, we learn about an interior designer, Jenny, who is about to experience the full force of an entity called Mike Lee, as he savagely takes over her mind and body. What happens to Jenny and those she meets will have deadly results. Can anyone help her regain control of her body from the evil and vengeful Lee?


If you enjoy a story that has twists, turns, and surprises throughout, Crisis at Paradise Eye-Land is a perfect book for you. The writer has woven amazing detail into his characters and story lines. Each character is well constructed and their dialogue is perfect. Wayne Edmiston has built scenes that are so realistic they touch every one of your senses. A superb story from start to finish.


I loved the part of the story when Jenny was trying to reclaim her physical body from Lee; the tension was terrific. The ending—in fact, the entire story—was not what I expected. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the author took me in another direction. A perfect and unique story, and excellently executed!


Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite , 8/22/2018


"Unfatally Dead: To Thaw or Not to Thaw follows a fascinating trip through time from
the perspective of two prominent historical figures, Walt Disney and Samuel Clemens,
AKA Mark Twain…mischievous in their antics…blend[ing] of history and fantasy with
cleverness and humor.  The style is quick and light, but emotional and witty. A unique

breath of fresh air, Unfatally Dead is funny and delightful… A must-read you won't want to put down!"

                                                                                                    -   Liz Konkel for Reader's Favorite  9/02/2018

Unfatally Dead by Wayne Edmiston “This is cleverly, well-written script based on a fantastic and original concept…high concept ideas being tackled make for an intriguing read…peppered with references to philosophy, religion and literature, it explores themes such as life, death, and mortality, critical thinking and philosophy, morality, identity and destiny vs. free will…and treads fresh ground…dialog is pithy and authentic.”

WILDsound Writing Festival feedback , 2018


"Ellie and her Elephant by Wayne Edmiston is a children's story about a young girl named Ellie, who entered a contest to name a pending baby elephant at the local zoo. Ellie submits her own name as a potential name for the new elephant because the name had to start with an E and the second letter had to be an L. As time rolls by, everyone in town becomes anxious, ready to know the name of the new elephant. It took two years for the baby elephant to arrive. The winning name was drawn by the mayor while being blindfolded and Ellie was the winner. She was very honored to have named the baby elephant and took the responsibility very seriously.   The years rolled by quickly and Ellie eventually got a partial music scholarship that included housing for students with physical limitations. Coincidentally, this is the same community college her father attended. Ellie finds love years later in the eyes of her physical therapist and this helped her to reach her goals of gaining her strength and walking to surprise her father on her graduation day.   This was a very heart warming story. I really enjoyed it! A 5 star read because I enjoyed the story of Ellie and I was glad she found happiness and love! At this point of the story, it made the reader smile because it was just such a caring gesture. Wayne Edmiston did a great job of making the story simple enough for young readers to understand while also raising interesting questions within the story.."

                                                                                            -  By Tiffany Davis for Readers’ Favorite , 8/12/2018

Ellie_Yellow Badge2_Final (1).jpg

Diary of the Three Savants: The Beginning by Wayne Edmiston

"This prequel sets the scene for an upcoming sci-fi tale. When three siblings—Alan, Alice, and
Andrew—finally reunite many years after being cruelly forced apart, their lives suddenly feel
complete again. They had spent many years in separate mental institutions. Restored to each
other, the trio quickly sets to work and embarks on a journey aimed at preserving the future
of Earth for generations to come. Along the way, their paths cross with Alvin T. Dogg, whose
car has broken down for reasons he cannot quite comprehend, and Alan, Alice, and Andrew
know they must act now, without a moment to lose.   In this book, Wayne Edmiston fully sets

the scene for a sure-to-be riveting upcoming tale about four lives that intersect to save the

human race. In this prequel, we learn about Alvin T Dogg’s life both before and after meeting

the trio, and we see the vast contrast between the underdog he was and his swift transformation

into the overachiever he becomes before our eyes.  lvin’s anger, frustration, and disbelief about what befalls him, combined with the three siblings’ “higher beings” status, has left me salivating for more.   The characters’ exciting adventure meets our deepest expectations, and I am sure you’ll join me in anxiously awaiting the release of their continuing exploits, set in a time and place long forgotten and out of this world. I very much enjoyed reading Diary of the Three Savants: The Beginning and wholeheartedly recommend it to science fiction fans..."

– Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite , 9/07/2018

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