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Burgeoning Author

Wayne Edmiston is a fourth-generation Californian and a fifth-generation teacher. He served in the Air Force for almost four years, including an 11-month tour in Vietnam as a crew chief for an RF-101 Voodoo aircraft, and honorably discharged early as a Staff Sergeant.

He earned his bachelor’s degree and a California State teaching life credential at Chico State College. Throughout his teaching career, Edmiston focused on special education.

He taught both academic and vocational subjects in four of California State’s correctional institutions. As a correctional educator for 23 years, he wore many hats, including acting academic supervisor, senior librarian, literacy coordinator for GED and college distant learning programs, chief GED examiner, and assistant literacy supervising Laubach tutor–trainer, and was a member of the State Planning Panel for Corrections with California Literacy for five years. He spent two more years as the community living skills facilitator for the state mental hospital at Atascadero.

Both he and his wife, Jacque, are ordained New Thought ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living and teach Science of Mind principles. They are all-denominational wedding officiants and respect all couples, including LGBTQ families and prison inmates. Their website is
As a writer and author, the screenplay version of his family-oriented, science fiction story, Unfatally Dead: to Thaw or Not to Thaw? was a finalist in two contests. Both the play and the subsequent ebook depict a fascinating time-traveling journey of two icons, Samuel Clemens (known worldwide as Mark Twain), and Walt Disney, accompanied by Eepia, a new soul.

Wayne has also written a children’s book, Ellie and Her Elephant; Crisis at Paradise Eye-Land is and adult metaphysical thriller, soon to be published and is working on a multi-part “thrillology” drawn from personal metaphysical experiences he has fictionalized to protect some of the characters, living or not. Other works are in progress.

Edmiston is involved with reader’s theatre at the South County Historical Society in San Luis Obispo County. Both he and Jacque are screeners with the San Luis Obispo I’ntl Film Festival. They reside on California’s Central Coast with their Lhasa Apso mix dog, Sophie. 

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Wayne & Jacque are the Dynamic WeDUO, Check out Their Site HERE:
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