What happens when a physical and mental crisis of explosive proportions, created by unseen forces results in changes for more than one person’s world?

Paradise Eye-Land was an adult oriented Kandy Land – a pristine place for one of age to have a specific type of unadulterated adventure. However, unforeseen storm clouds of destruction were on the invisible horizon even after all the arrangements had been thought out and all details attended to; a tidal wave of emotional upheaval was beginning to accumulate amongst the billowy cumulus of august patrons. The resultant tsunami would change everyone’s lives in unimaginable ways.

Smart, successful Jenny Cummins, sensually assertive Anna Johnson, and astute proprietor of the establishment, Lynden Rykker, find themselves in a sudden and unexpected cataclysmic encounter. This type of epiphany launched them into an entirely unexpected worldly experience. Unfortunately, several people will meet their untimely demise in the process.

A band of unlikely spiritual warriors led by Jenny’s dead brother Sgt. Theodore Cummins, aka Teddy,  comes to her aid in a special way. She was not the only one who found that living a somatic experience was not the reality of life.

A disgruntled, deposed, spiritually earth bound and lust-thirsty entity, Mike Lee, is afforded an opportunity that he surreptitiously squanders and is unexpectedly catapulted into another worldly realm by his own mother.

Sgt. Cummins and the spiritually awakened warriors renew their association with one another to become known as the GAWD SQUAD.

All is revealed, even more than one ever thought possible. The resulting consequences launch everyone into an understanding of both physical and Spiritual Universal laws that propels them to new spiritual plateaus.

This spine-tingling, sexplosive, spiritually and metaphysically oriented work is an amazing and heartfelt adventure at its best. Think of it as paranormal meets metaphysical, or as one might say, New Age meets New Thought. Any way you slice it, enjoy the fruits of this work. And thank you in advance for your patronage.

This metaphysical fiction/fantasy/neurotic work is a gritty and gripping reading experience that will take you to the depths of your soul.