Ellie and Her Elephant

Ellie and Her Elephant is a delightful children’s story about a young girl named Ellie, who entered a contest to name a pending baby elephant at the local zoo. Ellie submits her own name as a potential name for the new elephant because the name had to start with an E and the second letter had to be an L. As time rolls by, everyone in town becomes anxious, ready to know the name of the new elephant. It took two years for the baby elephant to arrive. The winning name was drawn by the mayor while being blindfolded and Ellie was the winner. She was very honored to have named the baby elephant and took the responsibility very seriously.

Ellie’s father ( a music store owner) shares with a group of Ellie’s friends about how music came into being and something about pianos. Prior to this Ellie had not be excited about learning to play any instrument, but when her fingers touched the keys for the first time, magic happens!

The years rolled by quickly and Ellie eventually got a partial music scholarship that included housing for students with physical limitations. Coincidentally, this is the same community college her father attended. Ellie finds love years later in the eyes of her physical therapist and this helped her to reach her goals of gaining her strength and walking to surprise her father on her graduation day.

This compelling story has been awarded a FIVE STAR Review from Reader’s Favorite! It also provides questions for the reader to think about.